custom made pro wrestling gear

custom made pro wrestling gear

custom made pro wrestling gear

I make custom-made gears based on YOUR ideas. Just let me know what you have in mind and I make some sketches with fabric recommendations, and after we discuss the details I sew it for you.


You already have a design? No problem! Just contact me, send it over and we can start working on your project.


Here is a little information about the technics I use:

Sublimation print

Using this type of printing, I can print high quality images onto elastic and simple fabrics. There will be no resolution loss compared to the original image, so you can choose any kind of texture, logo, picture that you want. However, I can only do that in matt fabrics.

Iron on vinyl

This technic is perfect for one colored, logos, names or pictures with lots of details. These vinyls can be shiny, holographic, matt etc.  I cut out the pattern with a plotter machine then I iron it on the fabric. It can be ironed on elastic fabrics, but the vinyl itself is not elastic. 

Pattern from fabrics

I can also cut out patterns from almost any type of fabric. In this case the pattern can’t be too detaild, because I have to sew it on the fabric. I can work with elastic fabrics too, so I reccomend this technic for example big shiny patterns.

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